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Lady J USA

Small Oregon Town may target illegals

Willamina may target illegal immigrants

Of the News-Register

WILLAMINA - At a special council meeting called for 7 p.m. Thursday at city hall, Willamina will consider declaring itself an "illegal alien free zone," serving as a warning to those without legal papers that they aren't welcome.

Read more at the Newsregister:

Having been raised in this community, I can tell you that illegal immigration is NOT a major issue in this tiny timber town in Yamhill county. I find this story quite amusing. it has been getting national attention and even talked about at the daily kos *lmao* If you lived here you would understand where I m coming from, but the media spins it to make us look like we are all a bunch of lunatics.

Now the city of McMinnville (Yamhill county seat) does have immigration issues, the population has been sky rocking and more major businesses have been popping up and I find they are hiring more and more immigrants who can't speak English. If you apply for a county job it is required that you be bi-lingual. It pisses me off. All I want to do is order a damn hamburger and have them get the order right when you tell them what you want they don't freaking understand English!!!!
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